Petra Challenge

We took part in the Petra Challenge to raise money for biogas plants in India. With support from Haigh Engineering and Alexander James Menswear we raced from the UK to Petra in Jordan in a car worth less than £50. On the way we managed to raise enough money for Raleigh International to build a anaerobic digestor for a poor village in India.


Globe 2010

In April 2010 we took part in the Globe 2010 conference in Vancouver, Canada. The international conference promoting a green world through greener communities brought together companies from all over the world to promote green technologies.


Timbuktu challenge

In January 2009 we joined the Timbuktu challenge! A race from the UK to Timbuktu in a car that cost less than £200 which included over 500 miles crossing the Sahara desert without any roads. Money was raised for WaterAid Mali and for local water projects in Mali.


Raleigh International: Borneo

Summer 2005 was spent deep in the Borneo jungle working with Raleigh International, World Wildlife fund, Shell Malaysia and the MESCOT organisation project managing the build of a eco-lodge. The lodge brought a new sustainable income stream to a poor community while helping preserve areas of rainforest and providing a corridor for wildlife to migrate.