Market Analysis & Business Development

Enebio has an abundance of experience introducing products into the utilities and industrial sectors across the globe and so has insight into the market demands for each sector. Within the water and wastewater sector, problems can be either universal or area specific. Enebio has a unique understanding of which markets are best suited to niche products and can help companies introduce their products to that market by providing market reports for size of opportunity, and by initiating contact with the key people in that sector.

Market Analysis

Enebio offers a wide range of services to meet all budgets, from a day’s consultancy offering up the best opportunities for your product, to an in-depth analysis of the market.


Enebio has previously worked with Haigh Engineering who provide macerators and screening equipment to the wastewater sector. Enebio aided the development of the company into the growing UK anaerobic digestion market; helping the engineers and sales team get all the necessary information, and opening opportunities for the team to grow while not having to deflect valuable resources from other projects.


Business Development

Enebio offers to explore new markets so that you don’t have to waste valuable resources. Working alongside key members of staff, Enebio will help you assess possibilities in new markets in the UK or abroad; with detailed expert analysis about the size of the opportunity, the competition and how best you would approach the market.

Enebio would then directly contact key players in the market and establish potential opportunities for your sales team to work on.

AMS_Germany_Oct14_v2Enebio has been working with Aqua Metrology Systems since 2012. In that time Enebio has helped AMS develop sales in 14 different US States and with the US Navy, Air Force and Water Research Federation.

Accessing Overseas Markets

Enebio has experience of introducing new and innovative products into the utilities and industrial sectors across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and China. Enebio offers a more effective route to market. Enebio can offer services to technology companies ranging from early stage process development, pilot plant building and market assessment to market introductions and industry trial assessments, leading to sales and introduction to large scale manufacturers.

Marketing and Promotion

O_M_T.jpgEnebio offers a wide range of services to meet all budgets. We’re a one stop shop to promote your technology into new markets. Enebio can promote your product at key trade shows, source potential partners, key contacts or agents, or simply assess market size and potential. Enebio has links with key players and has exhibited in markets across the UK, Europe, USA, Canada and China.

Translation Services

Enebio offers training for employees relocating overseas to manage Culture Shock and Cultural Understanding as well as market introductions and even language training and translation services.

Translations of marketing material and presentations can be provided before you travel.

In conjunction with Emma’s Language services Enebio can offer services in any European language, Chinese Mandarin and Russian.

Enebio has supplied language services and Culture Shock training to Astra Zeneca, British Water, Muller, GSK, Sony, IngersolRand, SSL International and many other large corporations.

Overseas Development

Enebio has experience of working in remote areas of the world and developing countries. As part of Enebio’s commitment to help the developing world meet the UN Millennium development goals, Enebio is working with partners to help improve the lives of the poorest people in the world.

With organisations such as Raleigh International and Wateraid we have worked in more than 20 countries across the globe.

In October 2011 we took part in the Petra Challenge to raise money for biogas plants in India. See our events page or for more information.


Pilot Trials, Feasibility Studies & Academic Assessment

Enebio can facilitate pilot trials of your product with key companies, while liaising with academic institutions to have new technologies reviewed and studied in the academic arena. Enebio can even provide trained operators to staff your plants while on partners’ sites.

With experience operating pilot plants on water and wastewater sites across Europe, Enebio operates to the highest standards of health and safety and ensures all staff have the necessary training and certification.

Feasibility & Best Practise

Economic feasabilty studies of processes can be undertaken by Enebio to help companies and suppliers work towards the best solution for your needs and disseminate best practice through the industry. Recently Enebio was engaged to look at best practice across the sites of a large utility in northern England enabling the company to improve operations across their network.